The next generation online escape room

A fully self-guided and challenging online escape room.

Uncover the truth
Three scientists mysteriously died in what is classified as an accident. But can you find out what really happened?

Teamwork required
Use a video call, or real-life communication, and work together as a team. As this escape room is self-guided, you will only have each other to solve this mystery.

A variety of challenges
With lots of different challenges to solve, like exploring a building in 3d, deciphering codes and finding secret websites, this escape room is sure to keep you entertained.

Form a team, get ready and play the game

1 Form a team and buy the game
Form a team of 2 to 6 players with your friends, family members or colleagues.
Then simply buy your unique activation code.
After purchasing The Pegasus Project, you'll receive an email with instructions.

Follow the instructions to get started.
If your team is not in the same room, set-up a video call with your team members.You can use Zoom/Skype/Meet or any other video tool of choice.
When everyone is ready, all players need to follow the link you've received in the email to find the secret Mission Hub. Once found, all players have to enter the same unique code to get started.

Watch the mission video together and start collaborating with your teammates to solve this mystery.

Online escape room

A challenging game that requires teamwork and creativity

Play from anywhere

Fully online, so play with mates at home or with family abroad

Whenever suits you

Fully self-guided, so you decide when you want to play

90+ Minutes game time

Game time is around 90 to 120 minutes, but there is no time limit

Age 18+ recommended

We recommend playing this game if you're over the age of 18

Team size 2-6

Form a team of 2-6 and work together to solve the challenges


To play The Pegasus Project, you'll need the following:

  • Computer (phone not supported)
  • Video call with your team mates, e.g. PubHub
  • Pen and paper
  • 1
    Form a team of 2 to 6 players and purchase the game
  • 2
    Wait for a confirmation email with all the instructions and your unique activation code
  • 3
    Share the instructions from the email with all team members and start a video call
  • 4
    Follow the instructions, find the secret website, wait for everyone to log in with the unique activation code and get started

Answers To The Most Asked Questions

We highly recommend all players to use their own computer.
We also recommend that your team has a video call set up to collaborate.
Note that smartphones are not supported.

We recommend all players logging in separately on their own computer.
If you want to show something to your fellow team members, you can definitely share your screen.
Note that all team members need to complete all challenges.

After buying the game you have 30 days before your activation code expires.
It's a self-guided game, meaning there won't be a host helping you through the game.

Play anytime that's convenient for you. After logging in, your activation code is valid for 12 hours.
Note that we do not provide a refund in case your activation code has expired.

The Pegasus Project is quite challenging and takes around 90 to 120 minutes to complete.
However, there is no time limit, so you can take as long as you'd like.

The activation code expires 12 hours after logging in.
A bit of escape room experience is recommended.

We won't stop you from playing alone or with more friends, but it's probably less fun.
In case you've got more than 6 people, we'd recommend buying another activation code. You can also make it a bit of a competition.

You'll receive 1 activation code that is to be used by your whole team.
All team members will need to perform all challenges.

In the Mission Hub, you will find a support button.
By pressing this button and following the link, you'll get access to hints and answers.

Yes! If your team loves escape rooms, we offer a time based option designed specifically for teams.
Email us to find out more!